nonboring description of what i do: i help individuals or professionals, physically or online, in french/english/romanian to save time and focus on what really matters in this mindless turbo-capitalism where everyone buys and buys, while the only more we need is time. more time to love, more time to care, more time to observe the world, more time to be in the world – like, for real. the price of this service saving you time is 200€ per dressing, 350€ per room or 2000€ for entire house, but you can always request a custom quote at

boring description of what i do: the visible part of my work is an airy, organized house, with well-defined functions of the living spaces. the unseen part (at least, not so obvious in the first instance) is that you will simulate a micro universe that applies to all aspects of life. you will be more connected with yourself, you will understand better who you are and what you want, you will realize that all the power to change something lies within you. you will know what you own, you will find what you need, you will navigate your own space more easily and you will feel an energetic and spiritual recovery when you spend time in your home. the stages of the organization process can be fluid, depending on your personality, availability and needs, but in general they consist of 3 phases. 1. discussion i want to know everything about you – pathology, family history, instinctual life, digestion, sleep, spiritual prehistory, education, readings :):):):):):) nah, joking, i just have to understand who you are and what you want, what your best life looks like, what is your relationship with objects and what consumption habits you have so i can organize the space from the perspective of your needs and preferences. disclaimer: i may be staring insistently at you and through you, but all i do is study your gestures, the angles from which you operate and your navigation of the environment. 2. declutter we go through your things in this exact order – clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous, sentimental and i accompany you in the process of sorting and keeping only the things that are useful to you or bring a sense of well-being, only those things that work as allies to support you in what you want to do and the person you want to be in this limited experience called life. the things that hinder you physically and emotionally, that are dusty, forgotten, unused will be valued (donated, recycled, sold). disclaimer 1: the choices belong exclusively to you, i'm just guiding you. disclaimer 2: this stage is often difficult and requires physical, mental and emotional availability. 3. organization i organize the space according to the flow of the house and needs of each inhabitant, create systems that save time and equip you with knowledge so that you have the autonomy to maintain them and experience a change in the quality of life. a constant in the experience of the people i worked with is related to a better relationship with one's home, one's own person, one's life partner, to an increased awareness of consumption habits, to a greater sensitivity to recycling and the environment. but since we don't have the same set of skills, personality type, interests, challenges or inner resources in general, the outcome can be different. we see things as we are, not as they are.

a short story: i keep telling this story because i find it representative. a client of mine paid for moving services as he was going to move from paris to marseille. and as you can guess, it wasn't cheap. shortly after he paid me to save him time and make his new house feel like home. and here i wouldn’t talk about the price of the service, but about its value. i helped him become aware of his relationship with possessions and we ended up giving up half of them (half of the things he had paid to carry from paris to marseille) – bundles of electronics, appliances, furniture, clothes, books and papers that were taking up too much space (to no purpose) and loaded the psyche at the subconscious level. all those were things he had completely forgotten about, things he no longer used or things themselves malfunctioning, things that simply no longer represented the person he is today. the lesson here? don't carry the past with you in a mechanical way. be aware of your physical and emotional baggage, develop a beneficial relationship with your possessions, celebrate who you are today by sorting things that no longer serve you. approach your things as allies who simplify your life and support you in the process of becoming your true self.